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Jacqui and Joanne plan to buy a bed-and-breakfast inn for $200,000. Jacqui will con- tribute $20,000 toward the purchase and operate the enterprise. Joanne's primary role is that of investor. She will contribute $100,000. However, she will be an active partici- pant because of her involvement in management decisions. They will borrow the balance of the purchase price from a local bank. Advise Jacqui and Joanne on a choice of business form. Consider that the enterprise is expected to realize operating losses of $50,000 annually for the first 3 years. During the 4th year, the inn should realize a meager profit.

Reference no: EM13991840

Augmenting bilateral trade facilitation

What are the challenges & opportunities in augmenting bilateral trade facilitation and transit trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan and linking it to enhanced regional coo

Process modeling vs configuration management

Write a one to two (1-2) page paper in which you determine which is more applicable across the widest possible range of situations: process modeling or configuration managem

How would you use reinforcement to achieve your objective

Imagine you are the lecturer on this course and that you are trying to increase student participation in class discussions. How would you use reinforcement to achieve your o

Determine the optimal order quantity per order

Determine the Optimal order quantity per order and total annual inventory costs - Develop a p-chart for the billing process using 3σ control limits and indicate if the proces

Analyse a case study or a live business

Produce a final detailed Project Plan using MS Project, taking account of changes you have had to make as a result of your risk analysis, including an analysis of the impact

May lisa recover damages from curtis

Because he did not operate Lisa's automatic watering system properly, everything set out by Curtis had died of water rot. May Lisa recover damages from Curtis? May Lisa reco

Project management techniques for big data management

Write a report of 2500 words on one of the listed Statements - Topics. The report should demonstrate that the team has thoroughly researched the keywords and the key issues

Important information about integrity

Why is integrity an essential component of ethics leadership? Integrity is displayed when people act in ways that are always honest and credible, and consistent in putting o


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