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1) Explain why the ABC format described in the text reading is beneficial for writing all correspondence; and discuss several ways to incorporate the “You” attitude in your writing. Why is this important?

2) Design plays a major role in how readers understand and perceive information. In fact, the way a document is designed or presented creates a subliminal effect, a first impression of sorts, which readers often use to judge the overall value of the document. Choose two or three elements—color, consistency, grids, white space, the use of lists, parallelism, fonts, and so on—that you feel are the most important. Explain why you feel these elements are critical for helping create a good first impression.

Reference no: EM131398140

Briefly summarize the organization technological solution

Briefly summarize the organization's technological solution. How did this solution support the company's business strategy and what benefits will be (have been) realized from

Develop a regression relationship

Bus and subway ridership for the summer months in London, England, is believed to be tied heavily to the number of tourists visiting the city. Plot these data and decide if

Bringing in concepts and theories of moral hazard

The main objective is bringing in concepts and theories of moral hazard. I need to create a closing on moral hazard. My topic is employee metrics system. What would be a good

Mutual mistake in contract formation vs. unilateral mistake

Discuss the differences between mutual mistake in a contract formation vs. unilateral mistake. In the words, what are the differences between BOTH side/parties making a mistak

What are some pros and cons of each approach

What are the main differences between the two versions of the JWD consulting case study? when should you use a more prescriptive or agile approach? Do you think user of the JW

Discuss why at one time there was no health insurance

Discuss why at one time there was no health insurance and why it was socially sufficient for Fred or Frieda Farmer to simply barter with his/her doctor. How has this situation

How does organizational culture impact change

How does organizational culture impact change? What skills leaders or managers need to exercise during periods of organizational change? Explain how transformational leaders c

Final version of the mental health parity act

The healthcare industry is a highly regulated environment. There have been many recent changes in the healthcare system due to the implementation of the ACA, the final HIPAA p


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