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My reaction to the writing verses the videos was way off. My rhetorical analysis of Finley was totally off. When I read the A guerilla gardener in South Central LA, I versioned Finley as an angry person who was tell his story of how he was discussed with how South central’s neighborhood being overtaken by fast food industries, and not having health food stores, and restaurants in the neighborhood.  In reality Finley, in the video came off as a cool, collective guy, who was very humorous.

I intended for the audience to be a group of young people who were in a sister or brother program, or were reformed. Think this way was wrong, and I found the audience to be well diverse, which prove to me not judge a book by its cover. . I like how Finley used visual aids to tell his story along with sarcastic jokes. First reading the story, and then watching the video, I found that the story came alive, and was more appealing.

The most effected method of delivery was by speech. When watching Finley’s speech, he used visual aids, and he was very humorous, and engaging. While reading the text I assumed that Finley was angry, and sarcastic, but When I viewed the speech, his speaking tone  was cool and relaxed compared to when  read the story it was completely opposite of the tone of voice that I pictured when I was reading.

From the reading, I felt like Finley story was based on pathos. In Finley’s story, he uses pathos to tell his personal story, which appeals to readers in that it a way of life for most. The story captivates, and grasps the reader. Although he is ultimately discussing how there is not enough healthy food in South Central and there are many fat food , and liquor stores, he emphasis on what he did to help people get healthy food in the neighborhood. This establishes a connection with his readers that he wants them to understand the importance of healthy food.

Although growing your own food may seem to only concern those who are health conscious, it should concern anyone who cares about their health and well being. In today society, obesity on the rise, and growing your own food might not be a bad ideal, because you know where the food comes from and what in it.

Reference no: EM13133682

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