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As part of his review for a chemistry test, a student randomly selects (without replacement) 40 out of 102 elements listed on the standard tables, and tries to guess their atomic numbers. Given that the mean of all 102 atomic numbers is 51.794, and the population standard deviation is 29.804, what is the probability that the mean of the 40 atomic numbers selected by the student will be at least 58.3?

Reference no: EM13100200

Give z statistic and p-value for value obtained by census

Probability of selecting a household with no children that is equal to the value obtained by the census. Give the z statistic (rounded to two decimal places) and the P-value

The president of the american insurance institute wants

The president of the American Insurance Institute wants to compare the yearly costs of auto insurance offered by two leading companies. He selects a sample of 15 families,some

Interviews and the corresponding probabilities

Job Interviews: Based on information from MRINetwork, some job applicants are required to have several interviews before a decision is made. The number of required interview

What is the level of significance reported in the output

What is the observed or computed value of t? What is the value of the degrees of freedom that are reported in the output? What is the level of significance reported in the out

Double-blind procedure study

Researchers at Pharm-X, a pharmaceutical company, are testing and comparing the effects of Drug A and Drug B on participants' allergies. The researchers are using a double-b

Usefulness of composite functions

Composite functions are useful when one quantity depends on a second quantity, and in turn that second quantity depends on a third quantity. This is an extremely general sit

Find confidence for true proportion of all college students

When 338 college students are randomly selected and surveyed, it is found that 109 own a car. Find a 99% confidence for the true proportion of all college students who own a

Construct stem-and-leaf and dotplot displays

1. Construct stem-and-leaf and dotplot  displays based on the investment portfolio values in the data file (XR02017) for Exercise 2.17. 2. Construct stem-and-leaf and dotplot


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