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A random sample of 160 car crashes are selected and categorized by age. The are listed below. The age distribution of for the given categories is 18% for under 26, 39% for 26-45, 31% for 46-65, and 12% for over 65. Test the claim that all ages have crash rates proportional to their driving rates (use alpha = .05).

Age Under 26 26-45 45-65 over 65
Drivers 66 39 25 30

Reference no: EM1394795

Find probability that gambler lose money if makes fifty bets

Multiply by 50 to get the middle 95% of the distribution of the gamblers winnings on nights when he places 50 bets. (d) What is the probability that the gambler will lose mo

Develop the confidence interval estimate for the mean

Why can you never really have 100% confidence of correctly estimating the population characteristic of interest - when should you use the t distribution to develop the confide

Find hypotheses to test to answer the teacher-s question

Based on the boxplots in part (a), which of the two groups, students or teachers, tends to have watch times that are closer to the true time? explain you choice.

Explain bias in frame using census as sampling frame

The distinction between sampling with replacement and sampling without replacement. Many surveys use the census as a sampling frame. Any bias in this frame?

Is the superintendents complaint justified

The superintendent of a large office complex, upon evaluating 30 of the units recently purchased and finding their mean power consumption to be 805 watts, claims that her sh

Graph the model as well as investigate it by four models

You will investigate four different scenarios of population growth also decline in this town. Graph the model as well as investigate it by four different growth models.

Find the sample proportions and z test statistic

In Dallas, some fire trucks were painted yellow (instead of red) to heighten their visibility. During a test period, the fleet of red fire trucks made 153,348 runs and had 20

Mean daily sales for jointsoft from four modes

Jointsoft is a great over-the-counter arthritis medication, but who will ever know about it? Unfortunately, many people with arthritis tend to be elderly and rather immobile


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