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1) The universal product code (UPC ) is a bar-coded number that uniquely identifies many products sold in the United States. Consider how the design of the RMO database might change if all items sold by RMO were required by law to carry a permanently attached UPC (eg., on a label sewn into a garment or on a radio frequency ID tag attached to a product). How might the RMO relational database schema change under this requirement?

2) Assume that RMO will begin asking a random sample of customer who order by telephone about purchase made from competitor. RMO will give customers 15 percent discount on their current order in exchange for answering a few questions. To store and use this information, RMO will add two new classes and three new associations to the class diagram. The new classes are Competitor and ProductCategory. Competitor has a single attribute called Name. ProductCategory has four attributes: Description, DollarAmountPurchased, MonthPurchased, and YearPurchased. Revise the relational database schema shown in figure 12-10 to include the new classes and associations. All tables must be in 3NF.

Reference no: EM131274718

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