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1. A multifactor experiment is one where there are two or more factors that define the treatments.

2. A fixed-effects ANOVA refers to the analysis, which includes all possible levels of a factor.

3. A random-effects ANOVA refers to the analysis where the levels included in the study represent a random sample of all levels that exist.

Reference no: EM1319346

Role of sensitivity analysis in lp

Discuss the role of sensitivity analysis in LP. Under what circumstances is it needed, and under what conditions do you think it is necessary?

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A random sample of 50 students from this school was selected, and the mean math SAT score was 530. Is the high school justified in its claim? Explain.

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The mileage per day is distributed normally. Find the probablitly that a truck drives at least 133 miles in a day. Round your answer to 4 decimal places.

Probability of drawing a red marble

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What are the 2 defining characteristics of a data set? explain in sufficient detail. Use ways of describing those characteristics that are commonly seen in statistics and re

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Based on a 2007 survey of U.S. households (see www.census.gov), 87% (out of 3060) of males in Massachusetts (MA) have health insurance. a) Examine the conditions for constru


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