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Some television stations attempt to gauge public opinions by posing a question on the air and asking viewers to call to give their opinions. Suppose that a particular television station asks viewers whether they support or oppose a proposed federal gun control law. Viewers are to call one of two 800 numbers to register support or opposition. When the results are tabulated, the station reports that 78 percent of those who called are opposed to the proposed law. What do you think of the sampling method used by the station? Do you think that the percentage of the entire population that opposes the proposed law is as high as the 78 percent of the sample that was opposed? Carefully Explain.

Reference no: EM1394778

Hypothesis testing-chi-square test of variance

Statistics Test Scores - Tests in the author's statistics class have scores with a standard deviation equal to 14.1. One of his last classes had 27 test scores with a standa

Game and prepare the odds of winning

Define a game and prepare the odds of winning. The game could be a card game with two cards or a dice game. Use MS-Excel (if possible) to solve this problem

Statistically significant evidence problem

Election officials take a random sample of 100 signatures and thoroughly investigate them to find that 84% are valid. Is this statistically significant evidence that the can

Find 95 percent confidence interval for population mean

A 95% confidence interval for  µ   is found to be 652 ± 21.56 = ($630.44, $673.56). Determine which of the following statements is true.

Regression analysis for cancer incidence data

Explain why it might be important to look at cancer incidence that is age-adjusted rather than just cancer incidence. Perform simple linear regression on these data and report

Finding z values by using normal distribution

Suppose the assembly times follow normal distribution. Find out z values for 29 and 34 hours. What percent of garages take between 32 hours and 34 hours to erect?

What is the probability that the freshman

What is the probability that the freshman is enrolled in both English 105 and Mathematics 101? What is the probability that the freshman is enrolled in English 105 but not in

Companies electronically monitor their employees

According to a survey 41 % of major US companies electronically monitor their employees. Suppose that 5 such companies are selected independently and at random.


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