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Some television stations attempt to gauge public opinions by posing a question on the air and asking viewers to call to give their opinions. Suppose that a particular television station asks viewers whether they support or oppose a proposed federal gun control law. Viewers are to call one of two 800 numbers to register support or opposition. When the results are tabulated, the station reports that 78 percent of those who called are opposed to the proposed law. What do you think of the sampling method used by the station? Do you think that the percentage of the entire population that opposes the proposed law is as high as the 78 percent of the sample that was opposed? Carefully Explain.

Reference no: EM1394778

What percent of the junior biology majors are ineligible

What percent of the junior Biology majors are ineligible for BioResearch?- What's the probability that a junior Biology major who has taken Statistics has also taken a compute

Develop a smoking cessation program at workplace

What do the results suggest? How might you use this data from this sample size to develop a smoking cessation program at your workplace?

Use a logistic regression to model the odds of death

Use a logistic regression to model the odds of death with hospital as the explanatory variable. Summarize the results of your analysis and give a 95% confidence interval for

Binominal distribution in business

How can the binomial distribution be used in a business situation? What type of data would you use and what would you learn from this?

Research methods independent-dependent variables

A neuropsychologist compare the auditory abilities of blind versus normally sighted rats. He predicted that the visually impaired rats would have better auditory development

Probability that adults are randomly selected in good health

Among 12 adults randomly selected from this area, only 3 reported that their health was excellent. Find the probability that when 12 adults are randomly selected, 3 or fewer

Large toxic clean up project

Workers at a large toxic clean up project are concerned that their white blood cell counts may have been reduced. Let x be a random variable that represents white blood cell

Probability density function

a. Are there any constraints on the choice of a for f(x) to be a probability density function? If so, precisely what are they? b. Is the random variable X a discrete or a


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