Radioactive waste from a clinical laboratory

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A radioactive waste from a clinical laboratory contains 0.2 μCi (microcuries) of calcium-45 (45Ca) per liter. The half-life of 45Ca is 152 days.

a) How long must this waste be stored before the level of radioactivity falls below the required maximum of 0.01 μCi/L?

Reference no: EM1382519

Where does martensite occur on the phase diagram

list the phases that form on cooling a steel alloy (.76% wt C) continuosly from 750C to RT. Use cooling rate 170/s, 1/s, 20/s, 100/s. Where does Martensite occur on the phas

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A freeway exit ramp has a single 12-foot lane and consists entirely of a curve with a central angle of 90 degrees and L=628 feet. If the distance cleared of obstacles is 19.

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A community has a current population of 15,000. 10 years ago, the population was 12,500 and the community has a declining growth rate with a saturation population of 22,000. T

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A pool of benzene is ignited on the floor of a large industrial building. The total area covered by the Kerosene pool is 6 meters square (Note that this is considered a larg

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What is postmodern urbanism? Who are the architects who took a postmodern urbanism approach? How they compare against compare architects' theoretical statements towards post

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A 5 cm diameter, 6 m high pole is fixed in concrete. The pole supports a circular 4 m diameter sign. Estimate the maximum moment that must be resisted by the concrete for a

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A 780-g mass is attached to a vertical spring and lowered slowly until the mass rests at its equilibrium position 30 cm below the original length of the spring. It is then set

Explain the problem encountered in this measurement

A tensiometer is used to measure a compacted soil in the field that has a matric suction of 200 kPa under atmospheric conditions. The pore-water pressure measurement in the te


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