Race and racism
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This term has been developed by commentators and critics during the 18th century in response to the hateful interpretation and presentation of authors that are claiming negative comments against race, gender, and age. Basing from the history, American developed this term for the reason that there are increasing tensions between the former slaves from Africa that are being freed against the White's acceptance for the freedom given to the former slaves. European nations have a similar situation with the Americans during the 18th century that points out with the manner of experiencing discriminatory practices.

This paper contains:-

1.      An overview of the problem

2.      Review of the literature

3.      Economic factors

4.      Social factors

5.      Cultural factors

6.      Political factors

7.      Discussion and Analysis of the study

8.      Significant events

9.      Direct social segregation

10.  Anti-discrimination policies

11.  Implications

12.  Recommendations

13.  References

Learning how to defend and raise your rights and privilege can sustain your productivity by having the capacity to learn how to build up your own knowledge and skills to correct other's mistakes as well as being as a role model to accomplish goals and gaining more support from others.

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