Questionnaire can be administered in narrow geographic area

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Q. Under what conditions would it be suitable to use a snowball sampling technique?

A. while the researcher absolutely must have a sample that is representative of the population from which it is drawn

B. while the characteristic of interest to the study is a deviant one and only a small number of people who know one another are required

C. while all you need to do is interview persons from a population where the sampling frame is called

D. while the questionnaire can be administered in a narrow geographic area

Q2. A star is forming within a nebula that is now 100 A.U. across and rotates at a rate of one revolution every 100 years. Assuming this is the result of a contraction, with no mass loss, of a previously existing nebula; what was the diameter of the nebula when it was rotating at a speed of one revolution every one million years?

Reference no: EM137607

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Many "leftovers" from planetary formation were likely ejected from our solar system, and the same has presumably happened in other star systems. Given that fact, should we exp

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How might you infer what type of volcanoes erupted in a given area based on the type of volcanic deposits now found as a layer of rocks? Give specific examples, and briefly di

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What sort of correlation (positive or negative) would you expect to see between the population densities or growth rates of each trophic level in this system under the primary

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Select an Egyptian building from the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom. Describe them and evaluate their importance to their period and to the history of ancient Egyptian architect

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Examine the pros and cons of these two forms of art. What can literary art achieve that visual art cannot and How? And vice versa: What can a visual work of art offer that a l


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