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Discuss how the merging of these theories contributed to the development of life-course theories of criminality and also contributed significantly to the field of criminology.

Reference no: EM131055944

The antibiotic amphotericin b casuses leaks in cells

The antibiotic amphotericin B casuses leaks in cells by combining with sterols in the plasma membrane.  Would you expect to use amphotericin B against a bacterial infecti

Why jeff and trina collected some wildflower seeds

jeff and trina collected some wildflower seeds from a medow and scattered them along the roadside near their home. As the weather got hotter, some of the seedlings began to

How many offspring are produced per female that year

let r=1.5 and d=0.5, where r and d are the growth and death rates of some semelparous species. If reproduction only occurs during year two, how many offspring are produced p

Find minimum number of ridge producing genes

If an AaBBCcdd male ma of ridge-producing genes possible in one of their children? What is the minimum number of ridge-producing genes possible in a child of this couple?

Which of these above cells would have the hardest time

Now let's make an organism that is two cubes in each direction: two high, two wide and two deep. a. Are there any cubes in this larger cube that still have all six surfaces

What might natural selection ever cause population to lose

An endemic fish living in freshwater blue hole in the Bahamas, Poecilia bahamania, has two color morphs, a red and blue morph. You have observed that an invasive species of

Determine the induced emf within a circle of tissue

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive technique used to stimulate regions of the human brain. A small coil is placed on the scalp, and a brief burst of cu

How might second mutation lead to restoration of activity

Identify the functional groups in side chain of a protein that can form hydrogen bonds or electrostatic interactions with a side chain of arginine within the same protein wi


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