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Amartya Sen, a professor of economics at Harvard University and a Nobel Laureate, has argued: "For India to match China in its range of manufacturing capacity . . . it needs a better- educated and healthier labor force at all levels of society." What role do education and health care play in economic growth? How has India been able to experience rapid economic growth since 1991 despite poor education and health care systems?

Reference no: EM131026745

Should truckel make or buy the wickets

Seran Company has contacted Truckel Inc. with an offer to sell it 5,000 of the wickets for $18 each. If Truckel makes the wickets, variable costs are $11 per unit. Fixed cos

Identify factors used to determine the operating cash flow

You should create 1-3 slides that identify the factors used to determine the initial investment, 2-5 slides that identify the factors used to determine the operating cas

What is double-entry accounting and why was it game changer

What is double-entry accounting and why was it such a game changer? You are the sole accountant at your company. Sales in 2016 have been mediocre but prospects for 2017 look

Prepare the entries necessary to record the encumbrance

The invoice was approved for payment because the purchase order allowed for price increases up to 5 percent. The invoice was paid on August 30. Prepare the entries necessary

Appreciation for all types of information

The new boss had little appreciation for all types of information. Use textbook terms to describe the type of information he embraced, and the type he rejected. How might th

Prepare the journal entry for the purchase

On December 31, 2012, Faital Company acquired a computer from Plato Corporation by issuing a $600,000 zero-interest-bearing note, payable in full on December 31, 2016.

Transfer pricing-divisional performance

Stanco, Inc., is a decentralized organization with five divisions. The company's Electronics Divi- sion produces a variety of electronics items, including an XL5 circuit boa

Determine initial tax basis

An apartment house was purchased on July 8 of last year, by a taxpayer who computes her taxes on a calendar basis. Her depreciation deduction last year was $7,902.


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