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A medical group practice with six employed physicians provides MRI services. During the past year, the practice generated $10,000,000 in total revenue, of which $1,000,000 was derived from MRI services and the remainder from office visits and surgery services. The practice participates in the Medicare program.

1. How does the Stark law apply to the provision of MRI services by the medical practice?

2. How would you determine whether the Stark law applies to the distribution of MRI revenue?  What do you need to know to understand how Stark applies to the distribution of revenue from MRI services?

3. Assuming that Stark applies, state three ways in which the medical group practice could distribute revenue from MRI services in compliance with applicable law.

4. Would your answer be different if the practice derived $495,000 from MRI services?

Additional Requirement:

This question belongs to the Law and it discusses regarding a situation where the group of physicians earn money by MRI services and surgeries. The application of the Stark law in this case has been stated.

Total Word Limit: 207 Words


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The paper is about the application of the stark law and the selling of the DHS services due to which the physicians and the hospitals would gain wrongful revenue which is highlighted in the paper. This paper has been prepared in Microsoft Word Document.

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