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You have the opportunity to buy a piece of land with your brother-in-law, Joseph Wheeler Dealer. The land can be purchased for $2,000,000 and Joseph is 100% positive that it can be sold for $2,900,000 in seven years. In fact, he will guarantee this sale price. As he says, "this is a no-brainer 50% return." What do you think the actual returns will be? The property is Miami-Dade County Florida and needs to be fenced. You might also need liability insurance. You can pay cash or finance the project. The cleanest assumption is to assume no debt. Do you have all the holding costs? Probably the best way to do this is with a short excel program.

Reference no: EM13892700

A primary market and capital market transaction

ABC Inc., which has been a publicly traded company since 1900, just issued new common shares to the general public.  If you purchased a portion of these shares, you would have

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Students must identify a business (giving a brief description of the business background and operations) and choose one aspect of financial operation from the following area

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This annual dividend growth rate is expected to decline to 8 percent for years 3 and 4 and then to settle down to 4 percent per year forever. Calculate the cost of internal

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a. How many IRRs does this project have? b. Calculate a modified IRR for this project assuming a discount and compounding rate of 9.8%. c. Using the MIRR and a cost of capital

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Mars Corporation has 10 million shares of a preferred stock issue outstanding that pays a cumulative $6 annual dividend on a quarterly basis. However, due to poor profitabil

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Primary Task Response: If a company grows too fast, it can find itself without access to the resources it needs to meet its obligations. If it grows too slowly, it may find

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Compare and contrast straight-line depreciation and MACRS depreciation. Given the choice, would a firm prefer to use straight-line depreciation or MACRS depreciation? Why?

What is the degree of operating leverage

What is the break-even point in bags? What is the degree of operating leverage at 19,000 bags and at 24,000 bags? Why does the degree of operating leverage change as the quant


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