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Stress rupture data are sometimes correlated with the Dorn parameter, θ exp[-Q/(RT )], where is the rupture time, is absolute temperature, and θ is assumed to depend only on stress. If this parameter correctly described a set of data, then a plot of log(t) versus 1/for data at a single level of stress would be a straight line. If the Larson-Miller parameter correctly correlates the data, a plot of data at constant stress (therefore constant P) of log (t) versus 1/also would be a straight line.

A. If both parameters predict straight lines on log (t) versus 1/plots, are they really the same thing?

B. If not, how do they differ? How could you tell from a plot of log (t) versus (1/) which parameter better correlates a set of stress rupture data?

Reference no: EM13887372

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