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Suppose a fixed cost of $900, a variable cost of $4.50, and selling price of $5.50. Find out the break even point? How many units should be sold to make a profit of $500.? How many units should be sold to average $.0.25 profit per unit? .50 per unit? $1.50 profit per unit?

Reference no: EM1347449

Calculate the net benefit or cost to turun telelaitos

Calculate the net benefit or cost to Turun Telelaitos from implementing a JIT production system. What other non-financial and qualitative factors should Turun Telelaitos c

Cvp analysis-breakeven analysis

JetSet Machinations, Inc. expects to become very successful in manufacture and sales of its fuel-efficient high speed airplane, the S2S-900. This plane will be sold at about

Absorption costing-managerial accounting

Roland Andersson is the manager of the Ekland Division of Ystad Industries. His one of several managers being considered for position of CEO, as the current CEO is retiring

The production involves a two-stage process

The production involves a two-stage process. Stage 1 Moulding Process involves melting raw plastic resins and mixing them with colour pigments. The heated mixture is then inje

Question on mixed costs

Wysocki Company pays its sales force a fixed salary plus a 5% commission on all sales. Explain why sales force costs would be considered a mixed cost.

With the current cost structure

With the current cost structure, Cassa cannot achieve its profit goals. It will have to reduce either the fixed costs or the variable costs. Assuming that fixed costs cannot b

Product-sustaining activities

List and describe four potential problems with a "traditional" overhead allocation system and list and describe four "red flags" that may indicate you should consider revisin

Cost-revenue variances for spiele company

Spiele Inc. manufactures and sells various software packages - Games, Business Applications and Creative Suites. Budget and actual information for the period are presented i


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