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Business and People Skills

Based upon an organization with which you are familiar, prepare a report addressing some of the Business and People issues that have been discussed in the module topics. If you do not have access to a suitable organization, then you may create a plausible organization of your own for the purposes of the assignment. Please indicate in your report if you are using a 'created' organization or a real one. Remember to include a brief description of your organization's sector. Choose three topics from the following list that you feel are particularly important to your organization:

• Communication Systems
• Recruitment and Selection procedures
• Team working
• Training and Development
• Quality Management
• Change Management

You need to critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organization's current approach to these topics. Using academic sources of references, you must also critically appraise how the knowledge of Business and People topics that you have selected can be applied to address the issues. Make and justify recommendations that you think could improve the organization's approach.


The question belongs to Human Resource Management and it is about the importance of people skills in business. For this study, the example of British Airways has been taken. This study focuses mainly on the people aspect in aviation industry, particularly to British Airways. British Airways, though contemplated about down scaling employees, realized that in aviation industry, where employees come into direct contact with customers can have a drastic effect on customer satisfaction. This concept gave way to effective human resource policies that not only increased the motivation of employees but also their morale. The solution gives more details of this process over the years.

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Reference no: EM13829254

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