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Tapley Inc. currently has assets of $5 million, zero debt, is in the 40% federal-plus-state tax bracket, has a net income of $1 million, and pays out 40% of its earnings as dividends. Net income is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5 percent per year, 200,000 shares of stock are outstanding, and the current WACC is 13.40%. The company is considering a recapitalization where it will issue $1 million in debt and use the proceeds to repurchase stock. Investment bankers have estimated that if the company goes through with the recapitalization, its before-tax cost of debt will be 11%, and its cost of equity will rise to 14.5%.

What is the stock's current price per share (before the recapitalization)?

Assuming the company maintains the same payout ratio, what will be its stock price following the recapitalization?

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