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Beta Industries has a net income of $2,000,000 and it has $1,000,000 shares of common stock outstanding. The company's stock currently trades @$32 a share. Beta is considering a plan in which it will use available cash to repurchase 20% of its shares in the open market. The repurchase is expected to have no effect on either net income or the company's P/E ratio. What will be its stock price following the stock repurchase?

Reference no: EM1337608

An ocean transfer cargo ship

An Ocean Transfer cargo ship was forced to jettison some cargo during a severe storm. The various interests in the voyage at the time the property was jettisoned are the fol

What differences would you expect to find between a grocery

Profit margins and turnover ratios vary from one industry to another. What differences would you expect to find between a grocery chain such as Safeway and a steel company? Th

One-year forward rate

Assume the annual risk-free rate in U.S. is 3%. The annual risk-free rate in Pounds Sterling is 5%. The spot rate of exchange is .625pounds/$. What must the one-year forward

What is the expected return for abc laboratories stock

The treasurer at ABC Laboratories is trying to determine the expected return on equity for the firm. The stock's beta is 1.053, the current T-bill rate is 5.47%, and the exp

What is the net income for this firm

Building an Income statement. Lifetime, Inc. has sales of $585,000, costs of $273, 000, depreciation expense of $71,000, interest expense of $38,000, and a tax rate of 35%. Wh

What is its expected price four years from today

If the required rate of return on the stock is 12 percent, what is its fair present value? If the required rate of return on the stock is 15 percent, what is its expected pric

Accumulate the necessary funds

Currently 30 years of age. You intend to retire at age 60 and you want to be able to receive a 20-year, $100,000 beginning-of-year annuity with the first payment to be re

Question regarding the economic and influential footprint

Mergers are a way in which a company can grow its economic and influential footprint. They are, however, complex. If you were advising your Board of Directors on the pros an


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