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Architect Bob Berryman purchased a late model car from Fred's Ford dealership. Three months after he purchased the car, he had to replace two of the tires because he ran over nails at one of his construction sites. Fred's Ford replaced two of the tires, one of which was defective. The defective tire blew out while Bob was driving and caused an accident in which he was injured. Should Bob file a lawsuit using the theory of negligence or strict liability? What are the elements that Bob would need to identify to make the determination?

Reference no: EM13107401

Computer is able to check the entire population of pencils

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Discuss specific ways the Protestant Reformation affected the English New World. Identify individuals who were key players in the Protestant Reformation and their effects on t

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Information technology Read, Improving the Efficiency, Accuracy, And Cost Effectiveness of Core Business Activities and distinguish how advances in information technology have

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Organizations can increase range in jobs by: a. rotating a worker to different work roles b. hiring more people to do one job c. only training someone to complete one task rep

Crowd management plan

You are the facility manager for the site of an upcoming major professional sporting event and have received indications that there could be violence between the rival teams’


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