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Question about Managing People

Managing People to Perform

Axis Inc. has instituted new flexible guidelines around appropriate attire, including piercings and tattoos. Along with all her colleagues, Rebecca Que, an Assistant Manager at Axis, received a printed copy of the new standards ââ?¬" and they ¢re still sitting in the envelope, unread. Included in this piece were a list of resources for her to contact if she had any questions or concerns and a list of consequences for non-compliance.

Rebecca thinks that these new standards are only for those in Denver at the corporate office. She thinks that for people out in the world at the stores, style and personal branding are important to the Axis Inc. experience, and her Store Manager seems to agree. Over the weekend, she ¢s going to get another piercing in her nose, and she is thinking of getting a bold new tattoo on her forearm.

As the District Manager, list how you would manage Rebecca ¢s performance with the new guidelines using the ACHIEVE model.

Reference no: EM1365856

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