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Suppose you run an orphanage and have had a hard time making ends meet. A car dealership offers you a new van worth $15,000 for free if you will falsely report to the government that the dealership donated a van worth $30,000. You really need the van and it will give you an opportunity to make the children happy. Do you agree to take the van?

Reference no: EM1376490

Incorporate a maximization

Your problem will have exactly two variables (an X1 and an X2) and will incorporate a maximization (either profit or revenue) objective.  You will include at least four cons

Illustrate what is the pattern of the relationship

Is the relationship among incomes also consumption of gourmet food significant? Illustrate what is the pattern of the relationship among income also consumption of gourmet foo

Possible consequences of failing to do so

If there is a feasible and attractive concept for satisfying the requirements for anew system, state why it is important to consider other alternatives before decidingwhich

Which specific goals does the organization expect to fulfill

You are going to develop the first section of a training program for the job of expatriate for your division of the corporation that you have hypothetically worked for this

Persistent high level of unemployment

In 2013-2014, the nation was struggling with a persistent high level of unemployment, low rates of economic growth, and high federal budget deficits. Explain how solutions t

What phases does a product go through during its life cycle

What phases does a product go through during its life cycle? What are the different types of strategic alliances, and under what circumstances each alliance type is preferred?

Why have stakeholder given csr more attention in recent year

In your opinion, why have stakeholders given CSR more attention in recent years? Would you give CSR a significant portion of your corporate budget? Explain and defend your p

What is the reliability of the system

An operation consists of 3 steps. The first step has a reliability of 0.81. The step has a reliability of 0.96. The third step has a reliability of 0.92. What is the reliabi


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