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Nutritional Sciences LLC sponsor the “Quarter Million Dollar Challenge,” a contest requiring contestants to use the company’s nutritional products and training plants to lose weight and get in shape during A 13-week period. A panel of judges would select a number of winners based on their success in the program. Contest rules stipulated that “all winners must agree to the regulation outlined specially for winners before claiming championship or money.” Next to this statement was an asterisk. The noted linked the asterisk reserved the right of nutritional Sciences to cancel the contest or alter its terms at any time. Donna Engler learned that she was chosen female runner-up in her age group, and she expected to receive the advertised prized of$1,500 cash and $500 worth of products. When she went to sing the agreement to claim her prize, she found that the company had changed the prize to $250, so she refuses to sign and sued for breach of contract. The trial court initially dismissed her case, and she appealed. How do you think the court of appeals decided the case and why?

Reference no: EM131083427

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