Quantitative and qualitative research methods paper
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?Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods Paper


Research in the University Library to locate a research peer-reviewed article that uses both qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Write a 700? Word paper describing and comparing quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Define appropriate academic research.

Define quantitative research and qualitative research. Explain how they differ, and relate each to the human services field and the scientific method.

Describe how to decide whether to use a quantitative or a qualitative research methodology. Provide examples of what sort of study is appropriate for each methodology, and explain why.

Define mixed method research, and describe its strengths. Provide an example of when it is appropriate to apply mixed method research in the human services field.

Identify an ethical issue in research that was addressed in the article.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


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Table of Contents

Academic Research 1
Quantitative Research 1
Qualitative Research 1
Difference b/w Qualitative and Quantitative Research 2
Relation of Research Methods with Human Services and Scientific Method 2
Decision about to use Qualitative and Quantitative Research Method 3
Mixed Method Research 3
Strength 3
Ethical Issues in Research Method 4
References 4

Academic Research

Academic research is that which is done in an academic environment such as university. This academic research is represented in a specific format according to a style guide. This style guide can be American Psychological Association. The main goals of academic research is that it explains the goals, methodology and results of academic results and also interpret the findings.

Quantitative Research

Quantitative Research consists of surveys and questionnaires of customers and this information provides help to small firms for doing improvements into their business products and services and business activities. Quantitative research also provides help to business organizations for making various decisions. Quantitative research is also about asking people about their opinions for business activities so that required improvements can be implemented. A good statistical results can be beneficial for business growth and enhance working efficiency. Survey samples must be analyzed properly after a periodic interval.

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