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Discuss report four websites that relate to performance management/performance appraisal/career management. In my report, I will review each website in terms of the quality and usefulness of the information for the HR professional or manager.

Reference no: EM13157733

Expect the demand for petrol

Why might you expect the demand for petrol to be more elastic in the long run than the short run? Name, with a brief explanation, two other goods that might share this chara

Jim and peter are directors of sambal pty ltd

Jim and Peter are directors of Sambal Pty Ltd. Sambal Pty Ltd has a constitution which restricts the amount of money the company can borrow at any one time to $10m. The compan

Leadership is doing the right things

"Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things." Peter Drucker "Leadership is working with goals and vision; management is working with objectives."

Case study phil disregards warning signs

While boating, Phil disregards warning signs that the weather is worsening. His boat is flooded. Quick Sea Rescue's retrieval of Phil is slowed by an inexperienced crewman.

Person to obtain your property

Adverse possession is a means for a person to obtain your property if they meet all of the elements. Should a squatter get your land? Why or why not? What is the statutory l

Why the inclusion of opportunity costs in cost-and-supply

Provide one example, from Ford Motor Company, illustrating why the inclusion of opportunity costs in cost-and-supply analyses would be able to help individuals make better d

Recommended the particular passing score

Do you believe that this result establishes the legality of the Wonderlic? Given that the Wonderlic consultant recommended the particular passing score. Is Tenneco on safe g

Structure the financing of the corporation

She has two people who are willing to invest in her corporation if she chooses to go that route. She can get bank loans to grow the business, but is worried about the person


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