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Consider the job that you are currently in or one with which you are quite familiar. Go online to one of the sites that provide compensation information on your particular job. There are lots of sites that will provide this information, including glassdoor.ca, indeed.ca, payscale.com etc. What type of information did they provide you? For example:

Was there information on average salary, ranges, lowest/highest paid in the market, data by specific company or industry?

Did they provide a description of the work being done and the qualifications required to ensure you are comparing the jobs accurately?

Was the data specific to the local market?

How did they obtain this information, i.e., from the job incumbents themselves, from job ads placed on the site, or from salary surveys conducted?

How did your compensation compare with the data found on the site? Was your compensation higher, lower, or average? By what percentage, if higher or lower?

How reliable do you think this survey data is? Would you be comfortable taking it to your organization to ask for more money, if you found you were making less than the posted data?

Reference no: EM132235060

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