Purpose of smoothing fluctuations in exchange rates

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Governments frequently buy and sell foreign exchange for the purpose of smoothing fluctuations in exchange rates. Discuss the purposes for these interventions since 1971 and describe how these actions might interfere with the efficient allocation of resources by causing forward exchange rates to be biased predictors of spot rates.

Reference no: EM131173962

Sensitive to changing market value and aoc estimates

An asset with a first cost of $250,000 is expected to have a maximum useful life of 10 years and a market value that decreases $25,000 each year. The annual operating cost is

What are dollar values of consumer and producer surplus

Solve for market equilibrium price and quantity. Illustrate your answer with a diagram of market. What are dollar values of consumer and producer surplus.

What the slope of the budget constraint

What the slope of the budget constraint? Why is it this value? What is the endowment point? Why must changes in the interest rate cause a rotation in the budget constraint abo

Reserve ratio-what will happen to the money supply

Suppose that the required reserve ratio is 6.25%. If the Fed sells $350 million of bonds to the First National Bank. What happens to reserves and the monetary base? What will

Rebels from participating in the nation new government

Conservative European states agreed to Belgium's independence in 1831 under the condition that A The Belgians allowed Charles X of France to become their new king B Belgium wo

The domestic central bank decreases the money supply

Explain the international interest parity concept. Then explain in words what happens to the IS and LM curves and the nominal interest rate in the domestic economy, and then i

About inflation ability to arbitrarily redistribute wealth

Suppose we expect an inflation rate of 2% for the next year. If a lender requires a 3% real return on a one year loan, what interest rate should he charge? Refer to above. Sup

Describe key elements of technology-enabled relationship

Describe key elements of technology-enabled customer relationship management and outline advantages that technology-enabled customer relationship management has over tradit


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