Purpose of a national cybersecurity strategy

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Explain the purpose of a national cybersecurity strategy and how it is used. Answer the question: why should every nation have a cybersecurity strategy? (Make sure that you address the importance of such strategies to small, resource-poor nations as well as to wealthy, developed nations.)

Reference no: EM131158160

Important telephone numbers

She maintains a list of friends, identified by unique FID's (friend identifiers) and a list of DVD's, identified by DVDID's (DVD identifiers). With each friend is the name a

Find the volume of a wedge for an arbitrary angle

Two planes cut a right circular cylinder to form a wedge. One plane is perpendicular to the axis of the cylinder and the second makes an angle of θ degrees with the first. (

Which design strategy would you recommend

Assume that you are developing a new system for a local real estate agency. The agency wants to keep a database of its own property listing and also wants to have access to th

What data management issues would you have

Suppose you are a data administrator for a large European pharmaceutical manufacturer that has significant sales and marketing efforts in Europe, Japan, and the United State

Does managerial behavior warrant reporting

Many employees are aware of reporting procedures for ethics violations, but which of the managerial behaviors would be worthy of reporting as an ethics violation? At what poin

Describe how you think your colleagues would likely react

One of the important personality factors is self-esteem. Everyone values themselves in one way or another and makes positive or negative conclusions based on their own feeli

What is the current size of q

Suppose an initially-empty queue Q has performed a total of 32 enqueue operations, 10 front operations, and 15 dequeue operations, 5 of which generated QueueEmptyExceptions,

Responsibility to maintain ethical standard in department

Do managers have a responsibility to maintain an ethical standard within a department? If so, how is the expected ethical standard established? How is it documented? How is


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