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Your subscription to Jogger's World is about to run out and you have the choice of renewing it by sending in the $10 a year regular rate at the end of each year or of getting a lifetime subscription to the magazine by paying $100 today. Your cost of capital is 7 percent. How many years would you have to live to make the lifetime subscription the better buy? Assume payments for the regular subscription are made at the end of each year. (Round up if necessary to obtain a whole number of years.)

a. 10 years
b. 15 years
c. 18 years
d. 20 years
e. 28 years


Reference no: EM1354980

Determine stock expected price today

Regarding of your work above, suppose that D0, which was just paid, = $1.00, D1= $1.20, D2 = = $1.40, D3 = $1.55, D4 = $2.00, D5 = $2.13, D6 = $2.27, and P3 = $80.00.

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On January 2, 20x7, the Healey Corporation made several long-term investments in the voting stock of various companies. It buy 10,000 shares of Zima at $4.00 a share.

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Executive Chalk is financed solely through common stock and has outstnading 25 million shares with a market price of $10 a share. It now announces that it intends to issue $16

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Company planning of project up front paid today at t = o .The project will generate positive cash flow of $60,000 for the next 5years.The project NPV is $75,000 and company WA

Information for financial analysis

Do you think that the explanatory notes, supplementary schedule, Management's Discussion and Analysis, 10-K filing, Auditor's report and Proxy statements provide more data for


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