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A publisher sells books to Barnes & Noble at $15 each. The unit production cost for the publisher is $3 per book. Barnes & Noble prices the book to its customers at $28 and expects demand over the next two months to be normally distributed, with a mean of 15,000 and a standard deviation of 4,000. Barnes & Noble places a single order with the publisher for delivery at the beginning of the two-month period. Currently, Barnes & Noble discounts any unsold books at the end of two months down to $4, and any books that did not sell at full price sell at this price. a) How many books should Barnes & Noble order? What is its expected profit? How many books does it expect to sell at a discount? b) What is the profit that the publisher makes given Barnes & Noble’s actions above?

Reference no: EM131176251

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Harley Davidson purchases components from three suppliers. Components purchased from Supplier A are priced at $ 5 each and used at the rate of 240,000 units per year. Componen

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What is procurement management? Explain the basic steps in procurement process. What is procurement management? Explain the basic steps in procurement process. List the featur

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Computer Nerds is a company that employs individuals who are experts at recognizing and repairing computer problems. Their slogan is "Call a nerd when you have a nerdy problem

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Explain the main efficiency measure that you apply to your suppliers and that the "chain" that receive your outputs you think they used to evaluate your work. Explain what i

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What is the purpose and value of having available standard forms of contracts? What are some examples you are familiar with where standard forms are used? Do you think a simpl

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Your new job is being an engineering manager in a division of a large firm. One of your first responsibilities is to prepare and submit a budget for next year's departmental e

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Consider the 'last process' of manufacturing a car. The last two things that are done to a car before its manufacture is complete are installing the engine and putting on the


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