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Public Service Announcement Assignment

What are PSA's? (Public Service Announcements?)

A PSA is a message designed to change public attitudes about a specific issue by raising awareness about the issue. PSA's are often delivered on t.v, or radio as an advertisement, but can also be delivered in a different format, such as a brochure or poster.

What are characteristics of PSA's?

- Are short

- Present one single issue

- Inform the viewer of key, relevant facts

- Have a clear call to action

- Might or might not include people

- Sometimes use special effects (black and white)

- Aim to have a lasting impact

- Can use positive reinforcement to encourage behavior or change

What is the purpose of this assignment?

The purpose of this assignment is to design a Public Service Announcement (PSA)

on a particular social issue or problem that relates to sociology. The purpose of the PSA will be to bring awareness to this issue and suggest courses of action. You many choose your own social issue/problem to focus on as long as you can explain how and why it relates to sociology, or, you can choose from the


- Eliminating solitary confinement

- Promoting prison rehabilitation

- Ending poverty

- Ending homelessness

- Alleviating hunger

- Decreasing tuition

- Promoting affordable education

- Promoting gender equality

- Demystifying feminism

- Eliminating racism

Public Service Announcement Assignment

- Eliminating sexism

- Promoting different kinds of family forms

- Promoting religious freedom

What is the format of the PSA?

For this assignment, you are asked to prepare your PSA on one side of a sheet of paper (the paper should be 8-1/2x11inches) OR a brochure (the brochure should be on a paper that is 8-1/2x11 inches that is folded). You may use the computer to assist you with your graphics and message, althoughyou may also use stickers, markers and other supplies.  In addition to preparing the PSA, you should prepare a short reflection. For details about the reflection see below.

What should the PSA include?

Your PSA should include information about the issue that is informative and persuasive. You want to alert people about the issue and convince them that it is important. You want to motivate people to take action. Your PSA should be captivating and inspiring. As you prepare your PSA, questions to consider include the following:

- What do you want people to know about the issue?

- Consider the "W" questions: Who, What, Where, When, Why?

- Include helpful resources such as website addresses, contact information and important statistics-if you include statistics, remember to cite

correctly according to APA or MLA

- Include a catchphrase or logo.

- Remember to convince people about the importance of the issue!

What should the reflection include?

Your reflection should be approximately 2-4 pages, double-spaced. Please use Times New Roman font, size 12. Please ensure that you attach your reflection along with your PSA, and ensure that your name and student number are included on the first page. Ensure that you attach a works cited page with your reflection that includes all information cited in your PSA and reflection. Public Service Announcement Assignment

Your reflection should respond to the following:

- What issue did you focus on? Why are you interested in this issue?

- Why is the issue important? Who is this issue important for?

- What do you want people to know about the issue? Think about the "w"

questions (who, what, where, when, why)

- Who is the target audience?

- What is general background information about the issue?

- What are specific examples to illustrate and support details about the issue?

- Why did you choose particular symbols/visuals?

- What do you think can be done to help/prevent/change the social


- What kinds of other campaigns/organizations/forms of activism exist that

currently address the issue?

- How and why does your chosen issue relate to sociology? Specifically,

explain what theorists from 3 theoretical frameworks in sociology would say

about the issue (choose from Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Feminism,

Symbolic Interactionism

Grading criteria for the PSA includes following:

- Is the PSA informative without being too wordy?

- Does the PSA explain who/what/where/when/why?

- Does the PSA clearly state the target audience and course of action?

- Is the issue clearly stated?

- Is the PSA creatively designed? Did the student add to/change images that

were found rather than simply cutting and pasting images from the internet?

- Does the PSA include a catch phrase or logo?

- Is the PSA original? (in your own words with information chosen by you)?

- Is the PSA convincing?

- Does the PSA grab the reader's attention?

Grading criteria for the reflection includes following:

- Did student follow page-length and other format guidelines (including MLA or APA to cite sources and examples that were mentioned about the issue?

- Did the student use effective grammar and writing mechanics (spelling, sentence construction, appropriate word choices)?

- Were all questions logically and coherently organized and addressed?

- Did the student use quotes and/or specific examples to illustrate and support details about the issue?

Public Service Announcement Assignment

Reference no: EM13887212

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