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This week’s psychology assignment covered modules 1-2, which was about behaviors, emotions, and mental processing. From module 1 and 2, I learned that behaviors, emotions, and mental processing, fall into three categories. The three categories that they fall under are biological influences, psychological influences, and social - cultural influences. These three influences are the main psychological level that influences a person perspective of self.

With biological influences, a person’s perspective and trait are learned natural by adaptively. Even though, most trait the people have, came from their parents, people as well as animals learn to adapt to the environment around them based off complex interactions between both biology and the environment around them; mean that they inherit some of their behavior, and the other is to learn to adapt to different cultures of people, social factors and places around them.

The second influence psychological influences, is an influence that is acquired or learned. This influence is a Selective Perception, which a personbrain makes an effort to organize and interpret information, which the process is calledselective perception. The selective perception is a process which affects the way we decision make, respond, and interpret things. These factors interpret the way we do or feel about something.    

Lastly, social - cultural influences are influences that are learned by ones culture, or social surroundings. Social - cultural influences, affects the psyche by other people’s emotions, opinions, or behaviors. Social and cultural influences, influences people persecutions which their psyche is affected by others behavior, which they respond to favorably, over their own personal beliefs.

In conclusion, modules 1-2, were about behaviors, emotions, and mental processing. These two chapter explained how psychology affects our about behaviors, emotions, and the way we think. Reading these chapters, I have gained more of an understanding of how and why people do what they do. Also, I have learned that not all trait are genetic, but they biological influences, psychological influences, or social - cultural influences.

Reference no: EM13132668

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