Psychologists roles-the law and juries

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Assignment: Psychologists' Roles, the Law, and Juries

For this Assignment, you are to write a 2-3-page paper that addresses the following:

1 Describe the role the psychologist serves as a consultant in the jury selection process. Provide three examples of psychological concepts and describe how they are applied to the selection of juries.

2 Address at least one common ethical obligation or issue facing psychologists in each of the following areas.
• Law enforcement
• Corrections
• Courts System
• Academia

3 Explain how each ethical obligation is overcome and/or mitigated by psychologists by providing specific examples of policies, programs, laws, or regulations that are in place in each area of focus.

Be sure to support your answers with material from the Reading and outside research (at least two outside sources from scholarly journal articles, Internet sources, the textbook articles from the Online Library, and other course material.)

Reference no: EM13787059

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