Psychologist measures units of change for a memory

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A psychologist measures units of change for a memory test after students are given an opportunity to sleep only four hours. The following change units were obtained: 7, -12, 4, -7, 3, -10. Find the a) mean, b) median, c) mode, d) standard deviation, e) range, and f) variance.

Reference no: EM131320060

Frequency distributions having different total frequencies

Percentage distributions are useful in comparing two frequency distributions having different total frequencies. Construct percentage distributions from the following two f

Which is characteristic of successful six sigma programs

Which of the following is not a characteristic of successful Six Sigma programs? Which of the following is the most important factor associated with Design of Experiments (DOE

Kruskal wallis test and one way analysis of variance

Differentiate between the Kruskal-Wallis test and the one-way analysis of variance in terms of their assumptions and the circumstances under which each should be applied.

Comment on skewness and outliers

Graph the data, and comment on skewness and outliers. A rank test is appropriate.-  We would like to test hypotheses about the median reading from home radon detectors:

Evaluate the drive-through service

A bank asks customers to evaluate the drive-through service as good, average, or poor. Which level of measurement does this classification illustrate?

Find shape of the distribution of sample mean

As a part of their testing program Sony tests samples of 25 batteries. What can you say about the shape of the distribution of sample mean?

Memorial remonstrance against religious assessments

Discuss James Madison's 1785 publication Memorial Remonstrance Against Religious Assessments as it relates to a 1784 General Assessment Bill proposed to the Virginia State A

Confidence interval for the true average commuting time

You took the standard deviation of 4.5 minutes from a commuting friend and believe that that is the standard deviation for the area. Prepare a 95% confidence interval for th


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