Psychographic segmentation considers consumers

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1. What three customer attributes are AIO inventories designed to reveal?

A. Age, involvement, and oversaturation B. Activities, interests, and opinions C. Access, intuition, and ownership D. Aspiration, inspiration, and orientation

2. Psychographic segmentation considers consumers'

A. lifestyles. B. income. C. usage rate. D. nationality

3. Shaky Bicycles. Rhonda, an incorporator who filed the articles of incorporation for ABC Corporation, a corporation set up to sell bicycles, listed the correct town and street but incorrectly put the wrong street number in the document. Helen, a manufacturer of bicycle parts, had sold a number of parts to ABC Corporation. Unfortunately, the corporation was not making any profit, and Helen was not paid in a timely manner. Rhonda told her that the corporation was not liable because it was not validly formed due to the address mistake. Bernice, another creditor of ABC Corporation, also claimed that a shareholder of Shaky Bicycles, Slick, was personally liable to her. Bernice alleged that Slick committed fraud against her when he told her that ABC Corporation was making large amounts of money, that if she would only loan $50,000 to the corporation he would marry her, and that the corporation would make so much money that she would be wealthy in six months. She loaned the funds, but the corporation has been unable to repay her. Slick told her that he is sorry, but that her only avenue of recovery is through the corporation. Which of the following would a court likely rule regarding the status of ABC Corporation as a corporation?

That the business was a de jure corporation.

That the business was a de facto corporation.

That the business was a veiled corporation.

That the business was not a corporation at all.

That the business was a corporation by estoppel.

Reference no: EM132184928

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