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Jodie and Aden have been living together for two years. Their home is registered in the sole name of Aden. Jodie has made no financial or other contribution to the property. The relationship has always been stormy but during the past six months Aden has resorted to violence and abuse. During the past six months the police have been called on three occasions. Aden has thrown Jodie out of the house in the middle of the night; he has stabbed her in the arm with a screw driver and punched her in the face which resulted in her needing stitches. Three days ago Jodie informed Aden that she was pregnant with their second child. He demanded that she have an abortion. When she refused he became very angry and punched her repeatedly in the stomach and face. An ambulance was called by the neighbours and Aden was arrested but Jodie is refusing to bring criminal charges.

Since the attack Jodie and their three year old daughter Emily have been staying with a friend, Pauline but her flat has only one bedroom. Jodie is unwilling to bring criminal charges but she fears for her unborn child and the safety of herself.

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