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Application Assignment : Powerpoint Presentation.

The application assignment for this week is to create a 3- to 4-paragraph Viewpoint Essay, providing a bibliographical profile of ONE of the following historical figures who came to prominence after the fall of the Qing dynasty, explaining his or her contributions to the culture or politics of post-imperial China:
•Pu Yi;
•Mao Zedong;
•Sun Yat-sen;
•Chiang Kai-shek;
•Yuan Shikai;
•Chen Duxiu;
•Lu Xun; OR

an historical figure of your choice, subject to my approval

In writing your Viewpoint Essay, please use AT LEAST ONE outside source IN ADDITION to the lectures, textbook, and other course materials that I have provided. Your source must be a legitimate academic journal, book, or website. Encyclopedic websites such as Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica,, etc. are not acceptable. If you are unsure whether your source qualifies, please ask me ahead of time.

Reference your source(s) using the Chicago citation style. If you are unfamiliar with Chicago style, please consult the University of North Carolina Writing Center website @, which explains and provides useful links to help you format your citations.

Reference no: EM131164935

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