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Gringer’s Plastics provides plastic parts to the shipbuilding industry. They gathered the following information on their inventory for ABC classification. Product Unit Cost Volume 1 $12.50 11,200 2 $325.00 160 3 $9.75 23,786 4 $8.50 29,590 5 $175.60 80 6 $1,125.99 26 7 $756.25 41 8 $24.99 5,230 9 $109.25 98 10 $33.00 7,865 11 $6.75 3,489 12 $550.80 26 If 3 of the 12 products would be classified as "A" items, they would be the following product numbers in order of highest to lowest annual dollar volume: The annual dollar volume for product 1 is The annual dollar volume for product 2 is Of the 12 products, the one that would definitely be a "C" item based on ADV is.

Reference no: EM132233805

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What are costs that you can track and monitor and improve upon so you could show the restaurant owner that you would get a return on the investment and the cost of the system

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"The objective of every supply chain should be to maximize the overall value generated." The value generated is "supply chain surplus." "The higher the supply chain profitabil

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Should Nike be held responsible for working conditions in foreign factories that it does not own, but where sub-contractors make products for Nike? Develop a graphic rating sc

Alternative designs for increasing the line reliability

A production line has three machines A, B, and C, with reliabilities of .94, .90, and .89, respectively. The machines are arranged so that if one breaks down, the others must

Freeman-brown private school case study

Review how organizations interact with their external environment (as open systems and complex adaptive systems). How effective was Freeman-Brown as an open system at the time


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