Provides highest possible return for a new company and why

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In the hope of high returns, venture capitalists provide funds to finance new (startup) companies. However, potential competitors and structures of the market into which the new firm enters are extremely important in realization of profits. Among different market structures, which one do you believe provides the highest possible return for a new company and why?

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Reference no: EM13924027

Explain what the long-run effects would be on real gdp

Although most of the changes would not take place until later, assume for the purpose of this problem that Social Security benefits were cut today by $100billion per year. e

What are some issues associated with preterm infants

What are some issues associated with preterm infants? Justify your response with academic literature and/or research. Identify a specific teratogen and then choose either the

Demonstrate exploration beyond the text

Research and respond to the following questions in essay format, including provision of references for support. Each answer should demonstrate exploration beyond the text, and

Draw al monthly production possibilities frontier

Draw Al's monthly production possibilities frontier with bread on the vertical axis and wine on the horizontal axis. Suppose Al is currently producing and consuming on his PPF

What best describes the facts behind the headline

A Wall Street Journal headline reads: "Cigar Shortage Draws New Brands into Market". The shortage resulted from a renewed interest in smoking cigars. What best describes the

Percentage of employee compensation is employee benefits

Employee benefits have become more and more an important part of employee compensation. According to the text, what percentage of employee compensation is employee benefits?

Computing marginal costs with excel

Using the given table, find out the quantity where MC = ATC. Find out the quantity where ATC is at its minimum. Find out the quantity that is the most efficient operating po

What economic criterion is violated

In accordance with the dual-control approach, sup- pose New Mexico's NOX abatement standard for existing sources is 5 units (AE) and the EPA's stan- dard for new sources is


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