Provide two take-a-ways or impressions video left you with

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Clean Cooking

Please read Chapter 10 Discussion Case "Clean Cooking" (pp. 232-233) and provide a one paragraph response to the following questions below and submit your responses via email to your instructor. Also view the discussion case video.

Using the concepts presented in Chapters 10 & 11 as well as the facts presented in this case, provide a one paragraph response to each of the following four questions: and respond to two of your classmate's posts:

1. In what ways would the widespread adoption of clean cookstoves address the global environmental issues discussed in Chapter 10?

2. In what ways would the widespread adoption of clean cookstoves address the issues of economic development and poverty discussed in Chapter 10?

3. Which sectors (e.g., government, business, civil, etc.) would need to be involved in a successful campaign to promote clean cookstoves in the developing world, and what would be the contributions of each?

4. After viewing the discussion case video, provide two take-a-ways or impressions the video left you with.

Reference no: EM131385081

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