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Question 1 :(1/2 - 1 page)
The textbook identifies three categories of non-state actors: intergovernmental organizations (IGOs), non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and multinational corporations (MNCs). Provide two examples of organizations in each category. Traditionally, international relations focused most heavily on the relations of governmental states with each other, but with the rising importance of non-state actors, we need to look beyond state-to-state relations. Why?

Question 2 :(1/2 - 1 page)
As Chapter 2 points out, political realism focuses on the role of power in determining how states interact with each other and strive to achieve their national interests. How does the political realism perspective help explain what is happening in Syria these days, where there is a clear power struggle between Shiite Muslims (President Assad is a Shiite, supported by Iran and Russia. Only 13% of the population is Shiite), Sunni Muslims (the 74% of Syrians are Sunnis; ISIS is Sunni, and a major goal they have is to remove the Shiites from power) and Kurds (a cohesive minority comprising 10-15% of the population, who have been fighting for a separate homeland for decades)?

Question 3 :(1/2 - 1 page)
Short of military action, should legislatures play a significant role in other foreign policy areas such as economic sanctions, immigration, or military alliances? How are these foreign policy issues similar or different than questions of using military force?

Question 4 : (1/2 - 1 page)
While there is general consensus in the industrialized countries that women should play roles equal to those played by men, in large parts of the world, implementing gender equality is very difficult. Why? Provide examples.

Question 5 :(1/2 - 1 page)
Historically, wars were triggered by border/geographic conflicts, conflicts over resources, and ideological conflicts. Looking at each of these sources of conflict, how likely is it that China and the United States will find themselves in a serious conflict situation that can lead to war? How likely is it that Russia and the USA will find themselves in a serious conflict situation that can lead to war?

Question 6 :(1/2 - 1 page)
Historically, great conflicts were fought by the armies, navies and (in recent times) air forces of the opposing forces. The countries that had the advantage were those that were bigger, richer, and militarily stronger. Today, the USA is the biggest, richest, and most militarily powerful country in the world, but it is having difficulty employing its power effectively in places like the Middle East, Africa, and Ukraine. Why?

Question 7 :(1/2 - 1 page)
Any legal system must be capable of carrying out three functions: 1) writing laws (typically done through legislatures), 2) adjudicating laws (typically done through the courts), and enforcing laws (for example, through the use of police). It is generally acknowledged that international law is not as strong as national law because its great ineffectiveness in carrying out one of the three functions described above. Which is it? Why does this weakness hamper the effectiveness of international law?

Question 8 : (1/2 - 1 page)
In the United States, many citizens are unhappy about entering into multilateral trade agreements (e.g., NAFTA) because they see them as exporting good jobs to low wage countries, and encouraging cheap imports which harm higher priced American goods. They prefer a policy of protectionism, where American goods are protected against foreign competition. While protectionism may be appropriate in specific situations, what are its deficiencies as a general policy?

Question 9 :(1/2 - 1 page)
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) occurs when investors from one country invest in building business capabilities in another. For example, when the Nike shoe company invested in building shoe factories in southern China, it engaged in FDI. While FDI is an important vehicle for helping countries to grow economically, it also has its downside. What are problems frequently associated with FDI?

Question 10 :(1/2 - 1 page)
As of 2016, the European Union (EU) was comprised of 28 countries. The Euro Zone (EZ) is comprised countries that agree to use the Euro currency as their national currency. Nineteen EU countries belong to the EZ. The UK and Sweden are particularly noteworthy as affluent, industrialized countries that opted not to join the EZ. What are the advantages and disadvantages for a union of distinct countries to adopt a single currency, as is the case with the EZ?

Question 11 :(1/2 - 1 page)
How is global pollution closely tied to the economic growth of countries and population growth?

Question 12 : (1/2 - 1 page)
Many of Europe's strongest economies (e.g., France, Germany, the UK) have been open to immigration of men and women from poorer countries. The French and English, for example, offered special conditions to immigrants from their former colonies. During the explosive growth of immigration from war-torn, economically ruined countries in Africa and the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of desperate immigrants poured into Europe in search of jobs, safety and stability. How can immigration serve the interests of European host countries? How can they harm their interests?

Question 13 :(1/2 - 1 page)
A key strategy for East Asian economies was to strengthen their economic capabilities through export-driven growth. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and China each employed this strategy. It worked well for them. What does export-driven growth entail? Why have non-East Asian countries have had difficulty in using it to replicate the earlier successes of the East Asian countries?

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