Provide three separate reasons

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Provide three separate reasons (with referenced examples) to justify the reason Mao Zedong was a bad leader.

Reference no: EM132183722

How does an understanding of management behavior lead

How does an understanding of management and organizational behavior lead to organizational effectiveness and efficiency? Why is the study of historical management theories i

Sample standard deviation of megabytes

The average capacity usage for iPhone users has been estimated as 400 megabytes per month. Assuming this finding to be based on a simple random sample of 80 iPhone users, wi

Balance annual costs and annual revenues explain

As of January 1, 2009 UND Family Health Service Center had 8 employees with a total annual salary budget of $400,000. The annual maintenance cost was estimated at $80,000. Bas

Dollar amount of income that she needed

London purchased a piece of real estate last year for $85,100. The real estate is now worth $101,200. If London needs to have a total return of 0.23 during the year, then w

Identify the intellectual property implications in scenario

Identify the intellectual property implications in this scenario. Identify ethical dilemma faced by Acme, and dilemma faced by Beta. Use two ethical frameworks to disc

Find the resultant force of the two trucks

At a county fair truck pull, two pickup trucks are attached to the back end of a monster truck. One of the pickups pulls with a force of   2000 pounds and the other pulls wi

Illustrate what are economics of venture capital business

Illustrate what are the economics of the venture capital business? Assume that Forte is a “top quartile” fund in terms of performance. Illustrate what will the cumulative pa

How different would this calculation look for a worker

How different would this calculation look for a worker who earned $500,000 and lived in Vermont? This worker would face a state income tax rate of 9.5 percent and a federal


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