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Library research assignment.

This is not essay but research for the essay. Only answers for 3 question needed.

Topic for history essay is to do a paper that examines the history of Chinese prostitution in CA beginning in the mid 1850s. Many of these women came willingly; others were forced into it. In such a paper, because it cannot be US focused, you would need to spend equal amount of time paying attention to what was happening in China at the time that led to this, and what happened to those women once they were in the US.

QUESTION 1 (answers must be provided from encyclopedia or scholarly articles not websites.

1. As you might imagine, monographs are considerably longer and often more broadly focused than newspaper articles or encyclopedia entries. More and more books are becoming available electronically through the Libraries; you may use ebooks for this assignment.

IMPORTANT: Your book must centrally address pre-1980 history related to your topic and research question(s) AND it needs to have been published within the last 25 years.

Provide the correct Chicago-style bibliographic citation for TWO books that are relevant to your topic (label them Book A and Book B), Note differences between single- and multi-authored books.

If you're going to use books for research, then simply having records and brief descriptions won't be sufficient. You will need to obtain physical copies of the books themselves, unless you find appropriate ebooks and your instructor has approved their use.

Under each book citation (Book A and Book B), enter:

The library location (e.g., Holland/Terrell Libraries)

• call number (e.g., HD34 .B338) in the "Available at" information bar or under the "Availability and Request Options" link.
• the Permalink URL for your book (Go to "Availability and Request Options" > "Actions" > "Permalink").

Question 2.

All disciplines have any number of journals in which scholars publish "scholarly articles," which are considered secondary sources in the humanities. Often, these scholarly articles are peer-reviewed, meaning other scholars read and evaluate them before they are published. This process of evaluation ensures that the journal publishes only top-quality research in the field. More or less all peer-reviewed journals are considered scholarly, but many scholarly publications do not incorporate a peer-review process for article selection. Whether peer-reviewed or not, scholarly (also referred to as academic) journals are often a central place to gather secondary sources on a topic.

In order to uncover the historical origins of your contemporary issue, it will likely be useful to start by using databases that house historical journals. One such database is JSTOR, which contains a wide range of history journals, and also published primary source materials, some of which date back to the 19th century. Another isProject Muse, which also includes a number of scholarly journals that publish in the fields of literature, American studies, education, and ethnic studies. [see Part II: Database Specific Video Tutorials.

Using JSTOR and/or Project Muse, locate TWO scholarly articles published in a history journal in the last 25 years that can help you learn about the historical roots of your contemporary issue. Using proper Chicago-style (notes/bibliography style), and again, bibliographic form NOT footnotes, cite the TWO journal articles. Label them Article A and Article B.

Question 3.

Formulate two clear and concise research questions (label them as Question A and Question B) based on your analysis of your contemporary newspaper article, your encyclopedia entry, and the theme(s) of the course that you identified earlier. Do not be vague by saying something like: "What are the historical roots of my contemporary issue?" But, be sure your questions address the historical roots of your topic.

Reference no: EM131218234

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