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Business Need:
This project will provide the ability to verify compliance with Meaningful Use (MU) criteria as set forth by the HITECH Act. Federal funds are provided as incentives if the organization meets and verifies MU criteria.

Business Requirements:
The health clinic and IT managers will use this software to verify MU objectives are being met. In addition they will be able to generate reports that are utilized in managerial meetings to show the status of MU requirements. The functionality that the software will have is:

  Import essential anonymous medical data
  Store and display MU criteria and descriptions
  Search on specific MU criterion
  Provide information on the HITECH Act and MU
  Reporting capabilities on MU verification
  Report on the compliance status of each objective for any participating clinic.
  Report on the MU objectives that are at risk rated as high, medium, or low.


Reference no: EM13330719

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