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A friend of yours has started a home-repair service company targeted at homeowners in the Houston area. The mission of the company is to provide repair services such as plumbing and electrical repair, drywall repair, etc. He wants to forecast the demand for various service technicians for the next five years. He does not have any knowledge forecasting techniques. Which technique would you recommend for forecasting HR demand for this company and why?

Reference no: EM131279492

Describe the affective events theory-impact job satisfaction

Imagine you are the branch manager of a large bank. You want to improve both job satisfaction and job performance in your branch. Describe the affective events theory and expl

Problem regarding the bep-roe and roic

Duval's tax rate is 35%. Duval finances with only debt and common equity, so it has no preferred stock. 40% of its total invested capital is debt, while 60% of its total inv

What is the single-period model

What is the single-period model, and under what circumstances is it appropriate? Can the optimal stocking level in the single-period model ever be less than expected

Assignment on business-level and corporate-level strategies

Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm

What effect should conduct that occurs outside the workplace

What effect should conduct that occurs outside the workplace and outside working hours have on an employee's continued employment? How much control and regulation should an em

Summarize the situation with the channel tunnel

Summarize the situation with the Channel Tunnel (Eurotunnel). Explain why poor project planning in terms of project control and change management made this project a failure

Audience with uniquely different emotions

Deliverable length: 2 letters, 4–6 paragraphs each You are to write 2 letters/e-mails that will require 2 separate appeals, each of which is intended for an audience with uniq

Predatory dumping implies

Predatory dumping implies. Lower prices as the result of tax holidays given to foreign investors. Lower prices as the result of time lags between the dates of sales transactio


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