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Internet Technology Project Executiion IP3

Project Execution IP3

Unit: Project Execution

Deliverable Length: New content of 3-4 pages

All sources should be cited both in-text and in References using APA format; with supporting documentation and examples.

The design of your research should now be completed, and you are ready for the execution phase. This is a key step in the research process and should result is meaningful, measurable, and useful information that you will use later for analysis purposes. Proper execution of your research plan will play a large role in the success of your project.

For this assignment, you will continue your work on the project with the execution of the research portion of the project. Research identified in Section IV and V will be conducted(PLEASE SEE ATTACHMENT IP2 for section IV and V), results will be gathered, and a summary of the research results will be presented as part of the submission for the week. You will also provide a summary of how well the research process achieved the desired goals for the project.

The project deliverables are the following:

• Section VI /

New Content: Project Research Execution

o Research Execution

- Conduct the research identified in the research plan, and document the process as it is performed.

- Gather the research results in an organized format that clearly identifies how the results relate to the identified problem(s) and the benefits that can be expected from solutions that have been found.


Research Results Summary

- Summarize the results of the research.

- Include a discussion of specific project objectives that can now be stated based upon the research.

Each objective should be unique and not overlap with other objectives and each objective should be supported by information and measures identified via the research.

For example, a potential problem could be a trend of reduced customer satisfaction that is correlated with reduced sales.

Research concerning what causes this type of problem and research about solutions, may reveal many issues and solutions.

For example, customer service could be slow due to an IT system that has a slow response time when customer service representatives access information.

The online sales portal that the customers utilize (if there is one) could be too slow - it could also be confusing.

It could be that it is needed to consider using Social Media as part of a new customer relations campaign that will place our company more in touch with each specific customer and allow the identification of trends in what customers want and what they think about our company.


Discuss how tangible and intangible measures are related to each objective and solution.

For example, reductions in labor cost due to a proposed change accomplished via a specific IT project, is a tangible measure.

An increase in customer satisfaction is less tangible.

It can be measured by a validated survey. But what is the monetary value of an increase in customer satisfaction?

Company data and other research can show there is a direct correlation between sales and satisfaction and that increases in customer satisfaction are associated with a predictable (within a range) increase in sales.


Provide a discussion of the relative effectiveness of the research and how it might be improved to gain better results. MAKE SURE INCLUSION OF THE FOLLOWING...... Was there further information that would be helpful that was not found?

All sources should be cited both in-text and in References using APA format; with supporting documentation and examples.

Reference no: EM131308509

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