Provide an analysis of the financial condition for the firm

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Following are the requirements of the assignment:-

Scenario or Tasks

Task 1

Select a business organization listed in MSM. Download two year's latest financial statements.

1. Assess the internal and external risk factors for the firm

2. Provide an analysis of the financial condition for the firm

3. Evaluate the firm's credit worthiness

4. Summarize the financial and accounting control procedures in place to ensure compliance with applicable regulatory agencies

Task 2 :

Refer to your module; write a brief essay on` distress analysis., Use illustrations to elaborate your answer.


Assignment Format:

1. Introduction

2. Body of assignment

3. Learning derived / conclusion

4. Bibliography

Following are the requirements of the assignment:- assignment question is attached in the attachment and the financial statements are in the following links


> annual report , google company 2015


> annual report , google company 2014

Instructions to candidates:

- Write your name and put your signature in the boxes at the top of this page.

- You should write your answers clearly and show relevant workings.

- Use Times Roman / Arial font of 12 size, 1 1/2 spacing.

- downloading information and pasting it in assignment is prohibited.

- Plagiarism is an academic offence. Avoid plagiarism.

- Assignment word limits - minimum 2000 words.

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This essay is based on the performance of Google Inc and its financial distress analysis. An analysis of internal and external risk is also presented through SWOT, PESTLE and ratio analysis. This essay is based on the distress analysis of Google Inc. This essay is done in MS Docs. This is a verified solution.

Reference no: EM131151865

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