Provide an algorithm for a program that continually reads

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Provide an algorithm for a program that continually reads (loops) a single character from the user and, regardless of the input, displays the ordinal (ASCII) value of the character. If the character is alphabetic, program should also change the case of the character (so if it is an 'a' change to an 'A' and vice-versa) and then display the new ordinal and character values. (Hint: look at the difference between the capital and lower case ASCII values on the chart!) The program should quit when the user enters the '#' character. The program should display an appropriate message if a non-alphabetic character is entered.

Reference no: EM132280988

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Discuss the ways in which the matrix management structure tends to reduce the problems of project management under (a) a fully projectized organization and (b) a normal unct


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