Provide a treatment of at least four scholarly research

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Write a 750 word essay on constructing and administrating a questionaire and its practical application in descriptive research. Include your opinion, backed by scholarly articles, about the strengths and weaknesses of this kind of research. In your essay, provide a treatment of at least FOUR scholarly research articles on the topic you have selected.

Reference no: EM131345894

What are the phases of the product life cycle

What are the phases of the "Product Life Cycle"? How can you extend the life of a product in decline? Does offer a product or a service or a combination of both? Ex

Working or a middle eastern organization

Choose an organization at which you are currently working or a Middle Eastern organization with which you are familiar. (If neither is possible, conduct an internet search t

Illustrate what are the considerations for mcbride

Do you agree with IBM's employment response to competition from software development contractors in India, like Wipro, that are expanding into IT consulting services? Explai

Give some examples of team mental models

Give some examples of team mental models (ones you hold currently or have held in the past). Compare your model with some other people whom you survey and prepare a report.

Problem regarding the service leadership model

One of the challenges often faced by nonprofit organizations is financial viability. Consider how the service leadership model can make a nonprofit organization competitive

Create a case study summary of the company you have chosen

Create a case study summary of the company you have chosen, including a general overview of the company, its external environment, and a list of its current strategies and o

Monroe motivates sequence

Imagine a product that might solve a common problem in your industry of interest. Write a sales letter using Monroe's Motivates Sequence, targeting a potential buyer of the

Green apartment building downtown

Tamlin Architectural is building a new, green apartment building downtown. In order to maintain the building's eco-friendly status, the carbon footprint of the building's he


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